Additional Services

Facebook Ads~

A $150 ad budget per month is recommended, additional fee charged of $300 to setup the Ad.

This includes:

  • Ad concept and copy
  • Management of the campaign
  • Analytic reports
  • Graphic design/appropriate paid for stock photo
  • Audience targeting
  • Adjusting ads as needed to maximize results
  • Determining what content is best to sent them to
  • A/B testing between multiple ads within the same campaign

We can target who you would like us to with Facebook ads and if you want to spend more per month we can make the adjustments along the way.



Twitter Chats- We will participate in one Twitter chat per month on behalf of your business. If no Twitter chat exists, we can create and manage one for you.

An additional charge of $300 if we create the chat and promote it. $150 if we participate in a chat.


LinkedIn and Medium~

Updates-An average of four posts per month on the businesses LinkedIn page which will reach those following it. All blog posts, articles and press mentions will be promoted, content provided by the client. Will also create an account on Medium if your business is not on it already. Additional charge $300